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Amethyst Dreamers, a Northern California Chapter of Leather & Lace MC, was formed in 2004. We are located in Northern California â€" from Santa Clara County to Sacramento County, and are blessed with beautiful riding for almost all months of the year. We came together because of our love for our motorcycles, the joy of riding and being free. We stay together because of our love for ourselves, our sisters, and with the intent of making life better for the children of Northern California. We gather stuffed animals for a childrens center in Northern California.
Additionally, California's annual charity runs to benefit Breast Cancer Research is a blessing. Cali Sisters participate in the National Search & Destroy Breast Cancer campaign by selling pink ribbons at every chance we get!

Jennifer Chaffin founded Leather & Lace MC in 1983. It began when a group of caring women riders wanted to help children. Initially membership grew slowly, due to the fact that in the early 80's, women riding motorcycles was not as acceptable as it is today. Leather & Lace MC is proud to have chapters and full members all over the United States and beyond that share the goals and enthusiasm of their founders.
The name says it all. "Leather" stands for the inner strength we possess as women, and the physical strength we demonstrate in handling our machines. "Lace" stands for our femininity, an intimate and important part of us all.

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